Videographer in London

Hey, thanks, for clicking over. I’m Angelika, a former news and broadcast journalist from Hungary – and now a videographer in London, also mum of one football-obsessed little boy and partner of a news-addict British journalist. We live happily in South London, Peckham – and I work as a freelance video producer for art and design brands, studios and galleries.

My life and professional career have both been on quite a journey – from racing against deadlines for daily television reports, parties and generally living fast in my twenties to now trying to embrace a slower and more fulfilling life in every part of my daily routine. Well, at least trying…often juggling between freelancing, kids, school, family, home-cooked food (which I prefer more and more) and looking after my body and soul. Constantly seeking some peace in hectic south-east London!

My love and passion for working with artists and designers comes from this thirst for mindfulness. I find it meditative to follow their creative processes and am fascinated by the personal stories behind their work. Peckham and the local area are constant inspiration for a videographer in London – like me!

I am mostly interested in an artist’s personal journey, the ethos of a gallery and the motivation of a design studio – how and why people create and how they are trying to express themselves. As a videographer in London I am surrounded by unique talents and constantly seeking those stories which haven’t been told, yet…the great stories are always there, lying in front of you.

Therefore, please get in touch if you are an artist, designer, a studio, an interior design company or related to culture and art – seeking to record and showcase your work in video. Together we can tell your story and spread the word.


If nothing else, we can have a good chat about our common interests – and enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of tea together.


I love to talk about Hungarian design which is often overlooked on the international art and design scene – therefore, as a videographer in London, I made it my mission to make them more visible in the UK. Click here to check out some films I made.


I am also big fan of my hometown Budapest – and Russia (yes!!) where I was born. I grew up eating gorgeous Russian and Hungarian meals so I can share some good Central-Eastern European recipes with you. But if not these – am sure we will find something else to talk about!

If you need a film – this way please!