I’m a London based videographer specialising in art, design, interiors and culture.



As a London-based creative, I specialise in producing marketing videos for galleries, museums, art and design studios and interior designers.


I will listen to your ideas and incorporate them with your key messages into a unique and outstanding video strategy. I am happy to draw an overall plan for your company including multiple platforms – or work on a single video project with you.


In either case I can help you create engaging social media videos, event films and promotional videos – or any other branded content which involves filming.


I know how daunting it can be when you hear words such as corporate video production, strategy, scriptwriting, storyboarding – or creating video content from scratch. Yes, it’s true that you need to prepare for a shoot – and it’s a bit more complicated than simply pressing the record button.

First, we will discuss your ideas and key messages – also what you hope to achieve with your videos and how they fit into your overall marketing plans. It will help us to draw a video strategy tailored for your business and your budget.


If you want to showcase your services and products or introduce your company, or the artists you work with – we can create promotional videos. If you have an event coming up and you want to record a summary and send it to your guests – I can also assist you with the filming.


Maybe you have a marketing campaign coming up and you want to have a series of very short and punchy social media videos – you name it, I deliver it.


Film production has its own processes such as writing a script and creating a storyboard – using these methods we can plan the shooting precisely including the interviews and cutaways.

Arranging and organising the details help to keep the costs in the budget and avoid surprises on the shooting day.


On the filming day, we will need to set up the scene – the lights, furniture, background, sound recording which can take a bit of time.


You can bring your own interviewer or I am happy to ask the questions, as well – I am used to work as a one-man-band and this is what I loved most when I worked in the media: interviewing people!


The most exciting part of my job is creating story-telling portrait videos – when someone introduces themselves and we are having a chat about their background, achievements, hard work, motivation, inspiration, challenges. Their STORY in front of the camera. This type of video would work well with artists and designers – or museums and galleries can also introduce the artists that way from their collection.


After one revision there is usually nothing else left but finishing the project with the post-production such as colour correction, colour grading and clearing up the audio.


Also, it is at this stage when we add names and titles – and any simple motion graphics you require.

Therefore, should you have any cultural project or art and design event coming up – or if you just want to improve your online and offline video presence, feel free to get in touch.


Video Production in London



I help you tailor your video needs – the strategy, ideas, scriptwriting, storyboarding, recording/filming, editing and post-production.

If you want to have shorter punchy social media videos, click here for some ideas.

If you need longer story-telling portrait videos, check out this.

If you are a gallery, head this way please.

If you have a cultural project or event coming up, I recommend this video to watch.

If you are ready to start talking about your video, please get in touch to discuss the details and prices.