The importance of video in digital marketing in Covid-times

The importance of video in digital marketing in Covid-times

The Coronavirus pandemic has obviously completely changed the world around us. Not a single business can overlook the effect of Covid-19 and its long-term consequences. Big time! Most companies have needed to tweak or, in many cases, completely reinvent their everyday operations. Also their marketing strategy – in order to adapt to the new circumstances. The importance of video in digital marketing grew significantly!

I can notice massive differences in how businesses communicated before the pandemic – and how they have done it since. Big or small – no enterprise could walk away unaffected by the shop closures, social restrictions and so on.

One of the biggest changes is that we probably watch videos more than ever – as part of our everyday routine.

When I say videos – I mean every single format of them.

Zoom calls, Teams calls, Google Hangouts. If you normally work in an office, you couldn’t have avoided online meetings with your team since the end of March when virtually the whole country shut down. These live videos became the new norm for many. Even if annoying and tiring sometimes, you sit on those calls for a long time in an attempt to recreate the “human touch”. In this way you can hear and see the people and their reaction in real-time.

But my Pilates and my partner’s yoga classes went on to Zoom, as well (thank God they continued!). And even if I never warmed up to online exercise classes, I can see the point. If you don’t want to be forgotten by your clients, you need to adapt as a business.

Gemma of Shape Pilates started creating videos and shared them on her social media on a regular basis as a result. She also recorded her Zoom classes. During the lockdown she provided free online Pilates sessions to her clients. She wanted to help release anxiety experienced by many due to the sudden and radical changes and uncertainty in their lives.

There is no better tool than video to show and run exercise classes – and it went so well that Gemma decided to keep it up and implement this business model for her Pilates-business. Now she runs a membership-based business where she regularly shares new Pilates-videos with the members. She also offers educational classes with experts from related industries and frequently releases new Pilates-challenges for her audience.


Gemma of Shape Pilates has been recording videos since the first lockdown in March

“Video has not only helped my business during lockdown, but allowed me to develop a new offering which will hopefully live beyond COVID. Video means I can be flexible with content, filming content in my own time whilst juggling the realities of life with a young family,” she said.


Another similar example is my partner’s yoga teacher, Amandine of Yogamandine. Although it’s a different vibe, she needed to move her classes online, too for a while during lockdown.


The importance of videos in digital marketing
Source: Instagram @yogamandine

“With the outbreak of Covid, switching to online classes has turned out to be a great alternative. These strange days have become the best time to connect even more with the yoga community and spread to a wider scale the precious & healthy tools offered by our yoga practices. On top of that, it has given the chance to some of us to actually start their yoga journey and create quality time for themselves. I’m so pleased to see that such a difficult and sad situation has been transformed into a positive one, tightening human bonds and showing us the importance of community.”


Another example from my local community in South East London is the homeware company @rigbyandmac which frequently created engaging product videos for their Instagram page during the second lockdown. They sell home decorations and Christmas being so near, the business could have really suffered from the national restrictions and shop closures. However, they took on the challenge and started pushing out plenty of Insta Reels on their products and services. The videos included themed Christmas decoration tips or just simply information on how to get in touch and order from them during the national lockdown. They clearly recognised the importance of video in digital marketing in Covid-times.

As you can see producing video content doesn’t need to be expensive – and some of it you can do yourself!

Maybe it won’t be so polished but in order to keep in touch with your customers and show off your team or your products from time to time, any type of video creation can help.

Not every business can react to the pandemic with a high-budget advert like Heineken did – however, most of the big names tried to stick with home-recorded looking mobile video style even in their television adverts. After all, it’s the new norm!

During the pandemic I noticed a few more trends via my own work, as well. While searching for freelance opportunities I came across plenty of wedding and – sadly – funeral recording requests, too which is also telling. While people couldn’t celebrate or say farewell via big gatherings, they wanted to share their occasions with their loved ones.

There has also been an increase in tutorial video requests or for filming open days for schools and nurseries – as many providers couldn’t hold workshops in person or the educational settings could not invite parents into the schools to show them around face-to-face. I have a client who runs sewing workshops and they mentioned that during lockdown the demand for those sewing tutorial videos grew massively!

And who knows, we might want to take away and keep some benefits of the lockdown marketing campaigns.

Having a video strategy and implementing video marketing in your business might help you in the long run, too. The importance of video in digital marketing won’t go away with the vaccine – it just became even more relevant in Covid-times!

I even came across an advert where a big wholesale company was looking for a videographer to produce their 2021 sales video by having a walkthrough of their products narrated by their sales manager. You can send out those videos to your regular customers or use it to attract new ones via email marketing.

Or explanation videos could also help your clients out if they want to know more about your business or how they can operate the product they bought from you. I am a member of the Really Helpful Club and they have plenty of explanation videos to guide the members through the setting up of their profile pages on the club’s website.

Another organisation which adapted quickly to the new restrictions is the AllBright Members Club which is a networking organisation for women. They set up a new and cheaper Digital membership where they provide plenty of advice online including lots of inspirational video courses.

As you can see, the opportunities are endless with videos in your marketing campaigns. You can use them for video ads, for your social media marketing, or with a call-to-action message at the end of your video you can even direct your prospective clients to landing pages.

However, what I always say is that whatever your goal is with any video marketing, you should never forget your main aim – it’s always building trust between you and your clients.

And although it might not stay like this forever, keeping that personal connection with your customers is still best-achieved via videos while we are in lockdown or semi-lockdown.

According to the video marketing agency Wyzowl more than 80% of the businesses used video as a marketing tool in the last couple of years – and 92% of them think it is an important part of their marketing strategy.

“The most commonly-created types of video are explainer videos (72%), presentation videos (49%), testimonial videos (48%), sales videos (42%) and video ads (42%)… 89% of video marketers say video, in general, gives them a good return on their investment.” Wyzowl: Video Marketing Statistics 2020


I will be curious to see how the pandemic and the new economic circumstances have changed the video marketing landscape and the importance of video in digital marketing.  Let’s hope for a more successful 2021!