The Art Wlog is my newly-launched online art and design video blog. (I hope you notice the relation to Angelika Winnett Videography!!)


As an art videographer in London I have been toying with the idea of an art and design vlog for a long time. Then lockdown came – and all the London art galleries and museums shut. So the idea of bringing the best of the London design and art scene to your home was born  – and the Art Wlog is finally here!


I will produce art and artist videos. I will also select interesting pieces from the London design world and film with designers. The hottest London art exhibitions, the best London museums and galleries will also be featured.


I will try to build an art blog with videos so with time hopefully we will have an online art gallery (sort of).


I would like to make it quirky and experimental. Therefore, don’t expect anything boring – or me always being on brand. I will constantly attempt to evolve the design, the topic and the themes.


Please fire away if you have suggestions. As an art blogger specialising in videos, I would always be happy to receive suggestions.


I will also do my best to keep it fairly regular – probably a fortnightly  thing. As video production is a lengthy process and I am trying to do my freelance job along with it, I am sure there will be delays. But I will try!


I live in London, therefore the Art Wlog is going to primarily focus on the buzzing capital art and design scene.


I will include the biggest and most popular London museums and galleries – and their art exhibitions. However, I have to admit, I am much more interested in showing less well-known London art and artists, and introducing smaller London art galleries. So watch this space for the hidden gems.


You will see that the first art video is about the 2020/21 Turner exhibition at Tate Britain. It is a big artshow at one of the most well-known art museums in the world. An opportunity came up exactly when I was in the middle of planning the art and design vlog – and I grabbed it.


But expect much more than this!

Local artists and designers from my local area in South East London to the major London art galleries.

Please feel free to send me comments and recommendations for the art vlog.


Also, get in touch please if you are in need of a videographer specialising in art and design films.


Enjoy the vlog – and see you in my online art space!


The Turner Exhibition in London, Tate Britain 2020/2021