christmas videos for businesses

Christmas video ideas for businesses

Have you spotted the mince pies already – or the Christmas puddings on the shelves of the supermarkets? I have – weeks ago! I can’t stop wondering who buys them so early and why it all starts in October or even September.

But it must make sense – otherwise, why would businesses do it? So here we are again – the Golden Quarter of the year when many businesses expect their main trading time to happen. This part of the year is the difference between a profit or loss-making 2020 for many traders.

It also means that it’s time to talk about your marketing efforts – including those famous (or sometimes infamous) Christmas video ideas for businesses.

How can a Christmas campaign video help your business?

In short – many ways.

As a recent article in The Telegraph revealed, Christmas shopping has already been underway for weeks. Early buyers attempt to keep costs down because of the financial effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Now more than ever before people will look out for saving opportunities, sales and discounts. Is it something your business can/planning to offer?

This year, as the covid pandemic continues to spread, Christmas maybe even more important for many families who may cherish the opportunity to have at least some time to celebrate.

An average household spends £800 extra in December compared to the £2500 in a normal month according to the Bank of England. We spend more on everything as Christmas day comes closer – food, alcohol, sweets and gifts such as books, toys or toiletries. As a business owner, you probably want to make sure that your client’s extra money is spent well and more importantly – with your business. You have probably started guessing by now how Christmas videos for businesses can do the trick – and direct clients your way.

So why else can corporate Christmas messages to clients in the UK can be so relevant?

Deloitte’s Christmas survey in 2018 and 2019 stated the “UK is the highest spending market in Europe”. The average spending of a UK customer was expected to be £567 – 42% and 39% more than the European average in the respective years. Most of the money was spent on Christmas pressies which means that any sort of business in the UK – small or big – need to focus their marketing efforts on the Holiday season.

Although, as mentioned earlier, buyers this year are probably going to be more cautious of their spending because of the financial uncertainty the Covid-19 pandemic created – the gifting season still has potential for traders. In this uncertain times you want to satisfy your customers even more than usual – and with well-targeted Christmas business videos promoting your products, services or sales you can do just this!

However, boosting sales is not the only reason why having a Christmas business video is important.

The opportunities are endless for Christmas video ideas for businesses, but probably the most important function of them should be brand-building and boosting engagement with your clients.

This is when and where a business can show its personality, how that business is made and operated in the way your clients, your regulars like it. This is when you can bring shine on your business – show off your employees’ personality and how you cherish the customers.

There are many ways to do it: it can be funny, emotional, friendly, direct or serious. However, one thing should always be your priority: to create a thank you Christmas message to your clients! Don’t forget, your business wouldn’t be successful without them.

Christmas video ideas for businesses

If you take away one thing from the above brief overview, it should be that you have plenty of opportunities to create Christmas videos for businesses. You can take on the view of either promoting your products, providing gift ideas, offering discounted prices or just creating digital festive greeting cards or a Christmas message to clients filmed in your company’s headquarter.  There is no limit in topics – and, although not everyone can afford creating Christmas videos with Elton John as John Lewis did it two years ago, even the smallest businesses can do something which can fill their clients’ hearts with joy or appreciation. There is no limit in the sort of industry which, with a bit of creativity, couldn’t relate to Christmas with their products, services or just simply by showing the human side of the company.

Especially in these pandemic times when we can hardly meet when we have to wear masks and try to do either quick in-person or online shopping – you want to show your customers the most visuals you can, on your products and services.

Therefore, here are a few examples of how to maximize your business Christmas message to clients by using videos.

1. Christmas sale promotions

You can create a short festive-filled animation/film with the discounts you offer on your products in the weeks leading up to Christmas day.

You could use a template like this – or if you want to have something more customized, you can find a professional animator or filmmaker to help you.

2. Christmas giveaway days

An excellent way to show your appreciation to your clients is offering prizes.

If you are a bookshop owner, you could offer a chosen book for anybody who is entering your Christmas competition by, let’s say, signing up to your newsletter or by buying a product from you.

If you are an artist you could offer drawing a portrait of someone – if you are an interior designer, you could give away a voucher for your services.

A museum could offer free entry for a family – or a local café could give away free coffee to someone for a week in the New Year to recover from the constant hangover.

Any sort of video could work well – live social, short text animation with your product at the background or of course, a short professionally recorded and edited give away video.

Here is an example from a popular tech vlogger:

3. Christmas gift ideas

It could be a video on your most popular products introduced by you, or it could be a short listicle video with text animation and tips on why and for whom they would be the best choice.

Or if you are an upcycle or DIY artists, you could produce a “last-minute hand-made gifts” video. Even big companies produce similar videos, look!

4. Christmas how-to videos

Your Christmas business message to clients shouldn’t be salesy. One way to do it is actually offering them help and advice on possible Christmas hacks and show your expertise that way.

For example, if you are an interior designer, you could show them the tricks of how to decorate a festive table or their Christmas trees.

If you are selling stationery, you could advise them on how to wrap gifts and what type of wrapping paper to choose.

Going further, for a baker a nice mince pie recipe video could be a good idea. The topics are endless, and all businesses can tweak these ideas in a way it fits their expertise.

Here is an example from a trader specialised in decorations.

5. Christmas countdown videos

You can create a fun Advent countdown video hiding your smaller products behind the calendar days – and you could open one each day. In this way, you could showcase your products on a daily basis. Maybe it’s a good idea to combine this countdown video with a giveaway so people who are watching can win the little bits as a prize.

Or, if you are a baker you could showcase cake recipes. Or for an illustrator, it could be a how-to make personalised Christmas cards video.

What is your business – is there anything you could offer as a countdown marketing piece to your customers which could help them around Christmas?

I couldn’t find a good example for this video so there is definitely a gap to fill on the market of Christmas business videos.

6. Christmas-related videos

How about Christmas jumper day? Have a look at how the charity Save the Children did it:

But you could also do a short fun social media video – even if it’s only for your InstaStories – about the day your employees wearing Christmas jumper and serving your customers.

Or how about involving an elf in one of your Christmas business videos?

7. Creative teamwork video

Featuring your colleagues and employees in Christmas videos is always a good idea. It can help your clients connect and engage more with your company. It sends out the message that it’s always a friendly team that is dealing with their requests – and films like this contribute to a more personal relationship between your clients and your company. Here is an example:

8. Christmas song videos

Can you convince your people to sing a festive song in a Christmas business video?

Here you go…

9. Year in review video

You can summarise your year in a Christmas business video showcasing the milestone moments of your company and employees. You can also try to hint some information about your products in such videos.

In this film WWF Australia summarises their year – and they also say thank you to their supporters.

10. Thank you Christmas message to clients

In my opinion, this is the most important message every business should get out there at the end of the year. You can’t thank enough to your customers for supporting you. So, if nothing else, a thank you Christmas message to clients should be on your list.

This is how the company iCabbi embraced this opportunity:


Christmas is coming and this year it’s probably more important than ever to put your efforts and money into your video marketing.

The opportunities are endless and by using some creativity every business can come up with a great idea to send a powerful Christmas
business message to clients in the UK.

Videos can be fun, joyful, emotional or heart-warming. Whatever style fits with your brand, you can create a video on any budget. You can just have fun with your mobile phone or you can use templates from the internet. However, if you have the budget, maybe it’s worth to invest to a professionally created film. Either way, have fun – and happy Christmas messaging!