Have a look at some of my favourite work with artists, designers and galleries. Enjoy browsing and if you fancy something similar, please get in touch

Mondo Scripto, Lyrics and Drawings by Bob Dylan at the Halcyon Gallery, London, autumn 2018.

Anna Jacobs set up a pop-up shop in Heal’s last autumn – and she needed a video about her work, mission and values which she could use as part of her art-installation. We filmed it over two days – first in her studio in London, then at Langham Glass in Norfolk where her beautiful lampstands are made. It was lots of fun to work with her – as a designer she is very visual and very brave to use a range of beautiful colours and we tried to reflect it in this film. Amazing experience – and the good news is that the video has since been played on a permanent loop in every Heal’s in the UK where they sell Anna’s beautiful products.

I created this video for the Hungarian RTL Television where I used to work as a television journalist – and where I stiill get commissions from sometimes. The news report is about one of the foremost Hungarian artists, Dora Maurer who exhibited in White Cube in the autumn of 2019 – and at the same time she has had a display at the Tate Modern. The Tate display is on until next July – and the admission is free so go and see it! I am available for freelance broadcast work.

Artist’s Talk in the ECAD Gallery, Peckham, London, October 2019.

ECAD Gallery is a new photography art venue in the heart of Peckham. Olga was exhibiting in the gallery showcasing her signature style of black and white photos. The Croatian artist developed a unique technique by using slow motion and taking pictures from behind windows. The gallery owner, Eugene commissioned a short video to explain Olga’s artistic views – and the film was played on a screen during her art show.

The Xiaoshuijing Farmers’ Choir had quite a debut in London – as they have never performed in Europe before. They are all farmers in a remote village in China and they don’t speak any Mandarin or English – but they sing the biggest classics! They performed at the Royal Albert Hall as part of a programme organised by the KT Wong Foundation – and this video was commissioned by the strategic advisory consultancy, BLJ London and shot during rehearsals. A shorter version of the film was also published by The Telegraph online.

This video is the first part of a series created for a local art campaign in South London called Meet The Artist. The project aimed to introduce local artists and designers to the wider community by showcasing how and where they work and what their inspirations are. The campaign ran on three social media platforms, therefore it needed to be short and punchy. Mark Pearson is a Peckham-based painter who has been documenting the changes in the area for nearly a decade.

2 Lovely Gays is a South London-based interior design studio. This video was shot for the Meet The Artist campaign which aimed to promote local artists in the area. They – and their wonder dog, Buckley – showed me around in their design home.

Remi Rough is a well-known and internationally recognised street artist based in Peckham. This short film was shot for the Meet The Artist social media campaign which promoted local art and artists. It was very special to enter Remi’s studio and browse his work – he spoke about his mission and we even shared a pizza which – with his Italian heritage – he is an expert in. And he loved it! Pheeew…

Lise is a South-London potter based in The Kiln Rooms in Peckham. She started her career as a tailor and slowly moved towards ceramics where she is now building her portfolio successfully. The film was part of the social media campaign series, Meet The Artist – and Lise talked about her Scandinavian heritage and how it keeps inspiring her work.

Another part of the Meet The Artist social media campaign with Ciara of Waffle Design. She makes rugs and cushions with hand-embroidered minimalist design.

Sumalee is a fruit-carving artist from Thailand who has been living in Peckham and South London for 25 years. She creates the most amazing fruit and vegetable decorations for different events showcasing this traditional Thai craft. The film was produced for the Meet The Artist social media campaign.

Although I specialise in working with art and design studios and cultural organisations, I sometimes take on other commissions. To see more of my work, click here  – and don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you like them!